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An Anonymous user asked:

Wha'ts your response to people on Tumblr saying the TOS is shady and you're running a scam?

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Well, at the TOS point:

Pretty much everything in WF's TOS is standard and you'll find it on any other social media site. This is literally boilerplate stuff and I invite you to read and compare it to other social networks. You'll see a lot of the content stuff is the same. The main point of contention I've seen is the "upload to third party servers" thing, which is honestly just a fancy way of saying "if there's a spike in traffic I might have to put stuff on an Amazon AWS server or something until I get stuff I fully control sorted", not the "I'm selling your memes" thing folks seem to be trying to spin it as. Pretty simple stuff. Regardless, folks are welcome to actually just... ask, if they want stuff clarified. There's some stricter controls on content on the site pretty much because I'd like to move to another country in future and just being investigated for willingly hosting it could strip me of that chance - so sure, some stuff I don't allow might be technically legal, but I'm not really on board with you considering your artistic privileges more important than my life plans.

As for the scam stuff I'm assuming you mean the "the servers can't be free. If they are why is he asking for donations" stuff, to which I'll remind everyone that it's the users who requested the donation links. I'm honestly just treating it as "thanks for doing this, get yourself a pizza" tips. There's a reason they're at the bottom of the page where nobody looks, and when asked in the Discord just now on whether I should just get rid of them if it's a point of contention the responses were "absolutely not", a more neutral "no", and a "make the links bigger out of spite". Besides, if you think it's a scam, then it's not that difficult to just not donate.

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trans rights are human rights

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